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Virtual Private Network (VPN)

Create a trusted environment with restricted access
to securely transfer information via public and private channels

Secure and Private Internet Access with VPN

  • Confidential Connection

    Protects your sensitive data and communications from cyber threats by creating secure virtual tunnels between multiple networks.
  • Remote Access

    It connects remote branches and employees to a single network, providing secure and seamless access to corporate resources from anywhere. Provides centralized control by connecting different on-premises networks and public cloud environments.
  • Cloud Access

    Easily access project resources and applications in the cloud without the need for additional software or hardware.
  • Flexible Infrastructure Connectivity

    Easily increase or decrease the number of VPN users and bandwidth according to your needs. By instantly adapting to your growing business or changing network traffic, you'll always have the optimal solution.
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VPN Use Cases: Versatile Protection and Access

VPN supports businesses in areas such as remote working, data security, censorship circumvention and corporate network security by offering comprehensive solutions for the critical needs of today's businesses.
  • Cyber Security

    Cyber Security

    With a VPN, you create a critical layer of security, especially in industries such as finance, healthcare and law, where confidential and personal information is handled intensively.
  • Cloud Support

    Cloud Support

    For businesses using SaaS (Software as a Service) solutions or cloud infrastructures, it provides uninterrupted access to essential systems in a secure way, as if employees were connected to the office network.
  • Secure Connection

    Secure Connection

    By using a VPN, you can securely access public networks such as cafes, airports or hotels, ensuring that your sensitive information and data are protected.
  • Geographic Freedom

    Geographic Freedom

    It allows you to cross geographical borders, follow global trends and browse the internet freely. By analyzing the behavior and trends of users in different regions, you can tailor your marketing campaigns and products to regional needs.

Benefits of VPN

VPN provides fast solutions to remote working, security and accessibility needs with a secure, flexible and scalable connection infrastructure. This easy-to-use connectivity accelerates your digital transformation, reduces IT costs and increases business efficiency.
  • Secure Connection

    Protect your sensitive data by creating encrypted tunnels between your virtual machines.
  • High Speed Connections

    Eliminate the risk of latency and downtime by ensuring fast data transmission between your virtual machines with our modern network infrastructure.
  • Low Costs

    Eliminate the need to set up expensive private lines or private networks with our cloud-based VPN solution.
  • Easy Management

    VPN can be easily configured and managed through a centralized management console. This enables businesses to effectively manage their networks.
  • Scalability

    Because the VPN is cloud-based, it can scale as needed. Businesses can easily increase or decrease VPN capacity based on increased data traffic or user demands.
  • Data Backup and Recovery

    Supports your business continuity and disaster recovery plans by making data backup and recovery seamless between virtual machines in different geographies.

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