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Cloud Compute Engine (VPC)

Secure and resizable compute resources (Virtual Machines)

Elastic and Secure Virtual Cloud Solution

  • Artificial Intelligence Support

    Run AI and machine learning applications with the latest GPU cards.
  • Flexible Resources

    Instantly scale resources as your needs grow and pay only for the resources you need.
  • Local Data Centers

    Eliminate data regulatory compliance concerns and serve your users faster from closer locations.
  • Quick Setup

    Create a virtual machine for a website or application in just a few clicks. Automatically configure network, access and security settings.
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Wide Range of Applications

Our Virtual Cloud services meet all your digital needs from e-commerce platforms to artificial intelligence applications. With its cost-effective and flexible structure, it offers solutions that accelerate the digital transformation of businesses.
  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

    Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

    GPU support allows you to run AI and machine learning applications.
  • High Performance Demanding Applications

    High Performance Demanding Applications

    Suitable for applications requiring high performance and continuity.
  • Data Processing

    Data Processing

    Large-scale data operations such as batch data analysis, data transformation, big data analytics.
  • Cloud Based Applications

    Cloud Based Applications

    Develop, run and deploy microservices and cloud-based applications.

Strong Infrastructure, Advanced Capabilities

Our Virtual Cloud platform offers innovative features such as automatic backup, data encryption, scalable resource tuning and multi-region support. With these features, you can seamlessly manage your workloads while maximizing your security.
  • Flexible Resource Management

    You can flexibly organize the resources (CPU, RAM, Disk) of your virtual machines to meet your workload requirements.
  • Kubernetes Support

    You can create and manage Kubernetes clusters and easily deploy and scale your containerized applications.
  • Identity and Access Management

    You can set who has what access to the virtual machines you create and facilitate teamwork.
  • Root Access

    With root access, you have full control over your virtual machines. You can easily install and configure software yourself.
  • Elastic IP Addresses

    You can easily change your IP addresses between your virtual machines and configure your network configuration the way you want.
  • Monitoring and Reporting

    Monitoring and reporting processes allows potential problems to be identified and improvements to be made. This feature also helps meet compliance requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

CCE stands for virtual private cloud. A CCE is a personal and private virtual network space in a public cloud environment. Each CCE is secure and logically isolated from other virtual networks within the same public cloud. This gives users full control over their CCE to personalize and configure their data sources. In a CCE, users can utilize the infrastructure resources of the cloud, such as processing, storage and networking.
Public Cloud is a cloud service provided with servers on the internet. Private Cloud, on the other hand, is an isolated cloud service provided with servers configured on the public cloud but created and customized for the customer.
CCE provides many benefits such as security as it is under the control of the user and provides an isolated environment, savings and easy maintenance as the structure is built on the public cloud and costs can be covered with different customers, easy integration with public and on-premise structures.
DT Cloud offers low latency for customers in Turkey, Europe and the Middle East thanks to the number of Availability Zones and the proximity of the locations of these points to each other, and provides high-level service to its business partners with a flexible product range that can be shaped according to customer needs and always up-to-date technologies.
Once the DT Cloud account is created, the purchase can be made by adding the CCE product to the cart under the product categories.
CCE, which is diversified with monthly, annual and three-year options, is billed on a prepaid basis.
The purchased CCE content can be upgraded as needed from the operations menu on the detail page of the relevant service in the user panel.

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