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Advantages of DT Cloud

  • Scalability

    It allocates the necessary resource according to your current demand. You never overspend on unused resources and you never over-allocate beyond what is needed, especially during times of low usage or low power.
  • Cost Advantages

    Cloud computing in the media and entertainment industry offers opportunities to hedge technology and storage costs to offset rising costs in other areas. For example, by moving from a CAPEX model to the OPEX model of the cloud, M&E companies can reduce sunk costs in storage and provision technologies and infrastructures. Additionally, using different cloud storage SLA tiers for hot and cold digital assets can significantly reduce storage costs for M&E companies.
  • High Performance and Minimum Latency

    High streaming performance with minimal latency and downtime is critical to both user experience and advertiser expectations. For example, a six-second delay in an ad feed for a hit show can cost a media company hundreds of thousands of dollars, which they must return to the advertiser.
  • High Availability

    Thanks to cloud architecture, you can always access the resources you need.
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