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DT Cloud for Education
At DT Cloud, we believe that technologies such as cloud computing, IoT and AI can transform, improve and modernize the way people learn and teach. We are committed to helping educators use technology to unlock the potential of all students and improve learning outcomes. Set higher standards not only for face-to-face education but also for distance education with DT Cloud remote lab, video conferencing and online proctoring service.

Advantages of DT Cloud

  • Better User Experience

    Provide high-speed network access and ultra-low transmission latency. It allows you to host internet live broadcast streaming in 1080P.
  • Easy Management

    Simplify initial setup and ongoing management of your network using a centralized operations and maintenance (O&M) platform.
  • Robust Security

    Protects your cloud environment against massive DDoS attacks; redirects malicious traffic; and prevents information leaks.
  • Industry Leading Reliability

    It offers an industry-leading SLA with a 99.999% availability commitment for individual instances.
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