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Light Compute (VPS)

Build applications and websites with low-cost, ready-to-use virtual machines

Virtual Server Solutions

  • Quick Setup

    Create a virtual machine for a website or application in just a few clicks. Automatically configure network, access and security settings.
  • Growable Infrastructure

    Easily upgrade to Cloud Compute Engine when your workload grows and get access to even more resources at even more affordable prices.
  • Local Data Centers

    Eliminate data regulatory compliance concerns and serve your users faster from closer locations.
  • Different Workloads

    Get full performance from your virtual machine with general purpose, RAM optimized and CPU optimized package options.
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Virtual Server Use Cases for Every Need

From website hosting to application development, our Virtual Servers facilitate the digital transformation of businesses of all sizes. With our flexible and scalable virtual servers, you can easily manage your various workloads.
  • Web Hosting

    Web Hosting

    Host small and medium-sized websites cost-effectively.
  • Create Development and Test Environments

    Create Development and Test Environments

    Use as isolated environments for software development and testing.
  • Create Databases

    Create Databases

    Create databases with high accessibility.
  • Build Business Apps

    Build Business Apps

    Install business software such as file storage and sharing, backup, finance and accounting software.

Virtual Server Power with Flexible Features

Our Virtual Servers are equipped with features such as SSD storage, full root access, automatic scaling and 24/7 technical support. You can find the best solution for your needs by choosing from a variety of operating systems.
  • Automatic Configuration Possibility

    Network communication, access and security settings are configured automatically.
  • Broad OS Support

    It supports a variety of operating systems, including Windows, Ubuntu, CentOS, Debian, Fedora and CirrOS, allowing you to customize your virtual server as you wish.
  • Security Groups

    With advanced security groups, you can control traffic to your virtual machine by IP, port and protocol.
  • Root Access

    With root access, you have full control over your virtual machines. You can easily install and configure software yourself.
  • Performance Monitoring

    Monitor your virtual machine's performance and resource utilization in real time.
  • Backup and Recovery

    Supports Snapshot and restore with Delta backups. Data is compressed and encrypted, increasing security and reducing storage requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

A virtual private server (LC) is a server. It has all the software and data needed to run an application or website. It is called virtual because it consumes only a fraction of the physical resources of the server managed by a third-party provider such as DT Cloud. You always have access to your private resources on this hardware.
LC is a virtual machine created from a physical server. A dedicated server is a physical server without a virtualization layer. The advantage of LC is that virtual machines can be easily scaled to fit the needs of your project and you can take advantage of this when it comes to cost and flexibility.
LC is a Virtual Machine (VM) on a server. CCE is a specialized environment distributed across multiple servers, providing greater flexibility and scalability to meet specific needs.
DT virtual private servers support Linux operating systems. You can choose from popular operating systems including Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora and CentoS. You can purchase your package based on your operating system through the platform. You can also run Windows or Acronis on your LC services. If you want to use a Windows or Acronis instance, you can submit your request via the “Contact Us” form. Our DT Cloud Customer Support Specialist will guide you.
You can upgrade each Light Compute content you have purchased to Cloud Compute from the operations menu on the detail page of the relevant service in your user panel.
If your capacity is supported, you can use many services without management fees. You only pay for capacity, and DT Cloud Platform gives you strong security, flexible management and easy scaling for Virtual Machines (VMs).
You should use DT Cloud LC to reduce your storage costs, get quality service and get help from our expert DT Cloud Customer Support department.
You must purchase your LC backup service separately. You can open a ticket in the “Contact Us” section and our Customer Support Specialists will help you with your backup service.
DT Cloud provides you with a secure LC. However, if you want extra security in your service, you should purchase WAF, DDoS or Firewall services separately. You can open a ticket in the “Contact Us” section and our Customer Support Specialists will help you with your security service.
Once the DT Cloud account is created, the purchase can be made by adding the CCE product to the cart under the product categories.
The LC product is billed as prepaid.

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