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Cloud Migration

Seamless and secure migration to the cloud

Smooth Transition to the Cloud

  • Seamless Transition

    It helps you seamlessly migrate your existing infrastructure, applications and data to the cloud. By offering different migration strategies, such as phased or mass migration of entire systems, you can choose the method that best suits your needs.
  • Security and Compliance

    It offers comprehensive measures to ensure the security of companies' data and applications.
  • Automated Processes

    Migration processes are automated and manual interventions are minimized. Tasks such as infrastructure preparation, data migration, application configuration and testing steps can be performed automatically.
  • Cost Optimization

    It enables companies to use cloud resources efficiently and optimize costs. Resource utilization is monitored, forecasts are made and costs are kept under control with automatic scaling.
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Cloud Migration Use Cases

Cloud Migration is a comprehensive digital transformation process that enables the company to increase agility and efficiency, reduce costs, accelerate the pace of innovation and ensure business continuity with innovative solutions ranging from data center modernization to application renewal, disaster recovery to hybrid cloud solutions, big data and analytics to artificial intelligence.
  • Technology Update

    Technology Update

    Companies can modernize their aging data centers by moving them to the cloud. This saves on hardware costs, increases scalability and leverages new technologies.
  • Disaster Recovery

    Disaster Recovery

    The cloud allows data and applications to be backed up in geographically distributed data centers. This ensures business continuity in the event of a disaster.
  • Application Modernization

    Application Modernization

    By moving existing applications to the cloud, they can be updated, automations can be integrated and new features can be added. This improves application performance and user experience.
  • Ease of Management

    Ease of Management

    With increasing data volumes and complex IT infrastructure, data management can be difficult and costly. With cloud platforms, web-based management tools and automated tasks, IT teams can manage infrastructure easier and more efficiently.

Benefits of Cloud Migration

Cloud migration helps companies keep pace with the pace of growth and changing customer expectations. By optimizing agility, performance, scalability and security while reducing costs, you can move your business forward with the power of next-generation technologies. Start digital transformation with the cloud and get ahead with the power of next-generation technologies.
  • Flexibility

    By securely and seamlessly moving your workloads from legacy infrastructure, different cloud providers or VMWare, you can have an infrastructure that can be easily scaled to your needs.
  • Low Cost

    Get rid of high capital investments, optimize your IT budget with flexible payment models and optimize your costs by saving money from paying for resources you don't use.
  • Productivity

    By automating complex migration processes and moving your data and applications to the cloud quickly and easily, you can free up your IT teams to focus on more strategic tasks.
  • Security

    You can ensure secure and encrypted transportation of your data and applications, increase your data security with the latest technology security infrastructure and have an infrastructure that complies with legal regulations and industry standards.
  • Backup and Recovery

    Prevent data loss with cloud-based backup and fast recovery, keep your business processes uninterrupted in case of disaster and easily comply with legal regulations.
  • Scalable

    By having an infrastructure that you can scale quickly and easily according to your needs, you can instantly respond to sudden increases in demand and keep up with your growth.

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