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DT Cloud For Manufacturing
DT Cloud modernizes, digitizes and improves business processes in the manufacturing industry by connecting the digital and physical worlds. With numerous combinations of cloud computing, Big Data, AI and IoT, our solutions are built not only to help manufacturing companies digitize, but also to generate profits and create a secure environment.

Advantages of DT Cloud

  • Capital Expenditures to Operating Expenses

    Instead of having to incur capital expenditures (CapEx) for an internal data center, the only cost to consider is the operating expenses (OpEx) required to run the cloud infrastructure. With cloud computing, you only pay for what you use.
  • Scalability and Flexibility

    Necessary changes in computing power or storage capabilities provide a significant gain in flexibility and scalability. This is because cloud infrastructure, performance, solutions and services can be adapted to the required scenarios and demands. In addition, DT Cloud provides energy companies with the agility they need to explore new potential solutions or enhance existing ones without losing revenue.
  • Performance and Data Analysis

    As the complexity and variety of data is constantly increasing, it is critical for organizations to improve their data analytics capabilities to make intelligent business decisions. Even complex data (units) can be quickly integrated and analyzed in a targeted manner to obtain insights and recommendations that improve operational efficiency and profitability by flexibly adjusting computing resources and applying modern technologies for an analysis.
  • Real-time Reporting and Data Availability

    Real-time reporting based on an optimized cloud computing infrastructure with live streaming service contributes significantly to decision-making efficiency. Data that is important for decision-making no longer needs to be manually collected or transmitted through multiple channels, but can instead be incorporated into a consolidated data platform and instantly accessible to a wide range of user groups through reporting tools. Collaboration, connectivity and information sharing are absolutely seamless.
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