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Seamless performance for your website and app

Continuous Availability with Load Balancer

  • HTTP Load Balancing

    It acts as an HTTP reverse proxy to optimize traffic to web and application servers and dynamically distributes this traffic with advanced algorithms and features.
  • TCP/UDP Load Balancing

    For databases, mail servers and other distributed applications, the TCP protocol provides request balancing. TCP may be preferred over HTTP when fast balancing is required.
  • Fast and Economic

    Ideal for projects of any scale, large or small, it easily accommodates daily and seasonal traffic spikes. Auto-scaling optimizes costs and increases efficiency even in high resource utilization situations.
  • Advanced Data Protection

    With SSL and TLS SNI support, your website is protected at the highest level. By providing comprehensive security for your domain names, you can complete your site control and security seal printing in minutes thanks to Domain-level verification.
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Load Balancing Solutions in Various Scenarios

As your traffic increases, load balancers allow new servers to be added seamlessly and improve the performance of your applications by distributing the increased workload across multiple servers. This way you can avoid costly server upgrades to cope with high traffic and save on your infrastructure costs.
  • Traffic Management

    Traffic Management

    It automatically distributes incoming traffic across multiple servers, ensuring your site is always fast and responsive.
  • Continuous Operation

    Continuous Operation

    Ensures uninterrupted operation of your website or application by automatically disabling failed servers and redirecting traffic to working servers
  • Effective Scaling

    Effective Scaling

    As your traffic grows, you can easily increase the capacity of your website or application by adding new servers and distributing the load. The load balancer helps you manage the scaling process seamlessly.
  • Protection Against Cyber Threats

    Protection Against Cyber Threats

    It protects against cyber attacks by filtering suspicious traffic and blocking malicious requests. It also increases security by encrypting your site's connection with SSL/TLS certificate.

Advanced Features of the Load Balancer

Load Balancer balances your system load and optimizes its performance by automatically distributing incoming network traffic to your backend servers. This ensures that no single server is overloaded and improves overall performance.
  • Traffic Distribution

    Load balancing by intelligently distributing incoming requests across multiple servers.
  • Auto Scaling

    Increases system capacity by automatically adjusting resources based on traffic growth.
  • Fast Performance

    Improving customer experience with high throughput and low latency.
  • SSL/TLS Termination

    It lightens the load on servers by performing encryption and decryption operations on the load balancer.
  • Accessibility Controls

    It constantly checks the status of the servers and provides a smooth service by closing the faulty ones to traffic.
  • Multiple Protocol Support

    It serves a wide range of applications by supporting various network protocols such as HTTP, HTTPS, TCP and UDP.

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