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Object Storage (S3)

Complete data management with powerful features

Scalable, Secure, and Reliable Object Storage Solutions

  • Scalability

    Your compute or storage resources scale according to your needs quickly and without data loss.
  • Cost Efficiency

    Avoid hardware refresh costs and pay only for the resources used.
  • Compatibility with Different Data Types

    Store different data types such as text, images, videos, etc. in a single data store.
  • High Security and Accessibility

    Data is always safe and accessible thanks to an architecture designed for disaster scenarios.

Application Scenarios for Various Industries

Our cloud-based object storage solution is designed to meet a variety of needs such as data backup, archiving and big data analytics. It is ideal for businesses in healthcare, finance, media and entertainment industries because it is flexible, scalable and secure. Transform your business by improving data availability and business continuity.
  • Backup and Recovery

    Backup and Recovery

    DT Cloud Object Storage provides complete protection against data corruption and cyber-attacks, enabling fast and easy data restoration in emergencies.
  • Archive


    With DT Cloud Object Storage, your files are securely stored and instantly accessible when needed, allowing you to manage large data sets at affordable prices.
  • Video & Resim Depolama

    Video & Resim Depolama

    DT Cloud Object Storage allows you to store your rich media content securely and cost-effectively, providing fast access worldwide.
  • Static Website Hosting

    Static Website Hosting

    DT Cloud Object Storage offers a reliable and fast hosting solution for static websites, scalable to adapt to your business growth.

Comprehensive Data Management and Security Features

Manage your data securely, store it quickly, integrate it easily and keep it always available with fast data transfer, API and SDK compatibility, advanced access controls, continuous availability, easy data sharing and clustered architecture.
  • Fast Data Transfer

    High-speed data transfer allows users to store their data quickly and efficiently.
  • API and SDK Compatibility

    Easily manage your warehouse space and integrate with your other systems with REST API.
  • Access Control

    You can control access to data based on path or file.
  • Access Continuity

    The multiplicity of failure points ensures that data is always available.
  • Easy Data Sharing

    Easily share files and data and make them publicly accessible.
  • Clustered Architecture

    Clustered architecture prevents data loss from servers or disks.

Frequently Asked Questions

S3 is a storage service for data of any size, offering resilience, availability, performance, security and virtually unlimited scalability at very low costs.
S3 provides a web service interface where you can store and retrieve any amount of data, anytime and anywhere. Using this service, you can easily build applications that use cloud-based storage. S3 is highly scalable, so you can start small and grow your applications as you wish without sacrificing performance or reliability.
You can store any type of data in any format.
There is no limit to the total volume of data you store or the total number of objects.
All data is stored in DT Cloud's Data Centers.
After creating a DT Cloud account, you can make a purchase by adding the S3 product to the cart under the product categories.
The S3 product is billed as prepaid.
After creating an account, you can track your capacity utilization through the platform that will be provided to you.

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