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We believe there is no single scenario for digital transformation as there is no
one-size-fits-all approach. Like fingerprints, no two companies are exactly alike.
But whatever your company's industry and size, and whatever your goals, budgets or needs,
you'll always find the right solution at DT Cloud.
  • Uyar Holding

    Collaboration with DT Cloud Uyar Holding entered into a strategic partnership with DT Cloud to reshape its business processes and create a more effective infrastructure. DT Cloud's experienced team worked closely with the company to deeply understand Uyar Holding's unique requirements and develop a customized solution to meet these needs.
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  • Biruni University

    This close collaboration has enabled Biruni University to establish an infrastructure that provides secure and uninterrupted data access across the university and hospital ecosystem, meeting all ICT needs through a single technology partner.
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  • Dentsoft

    Dentsoft provides dental software services with Private cloud technology using DT Cloud infrastructure. Before DT Cloud, they were working with limited capacity and limited customers.
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  • Cookshop

    Cookshop can now easily manage its IT infrastructure using Cloud Migration, Object Storage, VPC, DDoS, Load Balancer and Backup, with improved security measures and faster connectivity, along with lower costs for all its branches.
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  • Ingame

    InGame Group is the fastest growing Turkish gaming company and the first studio to develop an MMOFPS game locally in Turkey. InGame group consists of 3 different game studios. The company has been operating in its offices in Istanbul and Berlin for 10 years with more than 100 employees.
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  • Yeditepe University

    Yeditepe University, one of the Pioneers of Education Transformation, Adopts DT Cloud VDI, LMS and Virtual Classroom Solutions to Create a Modern and Innovative Learning Environment.
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  • Fingate

    Fingate Technology and DT Cloud Collaboration: Security and Efficiency Revolution in the Fintech Industry
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  • Enerjisa

    Enerjisa reduced critical accident situations and workload by 40% with DT Cloud IoT devices, live streaming, Push-to-Talk service and Image Processing.
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