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Web Application Firewall (WAF)

Your protection against cyber attacks: Protect your network and data with a firewall

Comprehensive Firewall Solutions for Your Security

  • Comprehensive Protection

    Protect your applications and APIs against the most common cyber threats. Detect and block vulnerabilities and malware in real time.
  • Real Time Visibility

    Instantly monitor your network traffic and application activity with real-time monitoring and security alerts to detect and respond to suspicious activity.
  • Minimum Cost, Maximum Protection

    Get maximum protection by managing your security infrastructure at minimum cost. Save on complex licensing models and expensive hardware.
  • Easy Integration, Powerful Security

    Create application-specific rules with a robust REST API that integrates seamlessly into your existing workflows and tools.
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Firewall Use Cases

From e-commerce sites to financial institutions, educational institutions to government buildings, we offer a comprehensive security solution for organizations of all sizes and industries.
  • Secure Your Network

    Secure Your Network

    Firewall prevents unauthorized access, protects against malware and allows you to create a private zone (DMZ) to protect your sensitive data.
  • Secure Your Web Applications

    Secure Your Web Applications

    Firewall blocks unauthorized access, protects against malware and allows you to create a private zone (DMZ) to protect your sensitive data.Attacks such as SQL Injection and Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) can be used to steal your sensitive data or hijack your website. Firewall is one of the most effective ways to block such attacks
  • Data Integrity

    Data Integrity

    Protects the accuracy and reliability of your data by preventing security breaches such as unauthorized access or data modification.
  • Malicious Traffic Prevention

    Malicious Traffic Prevention

    WAF detects and blocks malicious traffic and bots, stopping them before they reach your web servers. This saves your server resources and improves your website performance.

Full Protection with Advanced Features

The WAF solution effectively protects your web applications through managed and pre-configured rule sets. Working with continuously updated and optimized rule sets, the WAF engine increases the level of detection and security. This reduces unnecessary alerts and lowers the false positive rate. Your web applications remain secure against the most common and complex attacks.
  • High Performance

    It blocks attacks without affecting the performance of web applications. This ensures that your web applications run quickly and securely.
  • Enhanced Security Policies

    It allows you to create flexible security policies that offer the ability to detect and block attacks with customized filters and rule sets.
  • Protection Against Cyber Attacks

    Protects your web applications by blocking common web attacks such as DDoS, SQL injection, XSS and CSRF.
  • Secure Sensitive Data

    Your sensitive data, such as customer and financial information, is worth protecting against cyber attacks, data loss and unauthorized modification. Our powerful firewall solution provides a proactive defense against such threats, keeping your critical data safe.
  • Website Protection

    It provides strong protection against known and previously unknown attack types, blocks unauthorized access and maximizes your cybersecurity by detecting vulnerabilities in CGI code, web server software and web frameworks.
  • Ensure Data Integrity

    It protects data integrity in web applications and prevents security breaches such as unauthorized access or data modifications.

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