Enerjisa reduced critical accident cases and workload by 40% with DT Cloud IoT devices, Computer Vision and Push to Talk service.

Enerjisa Enerji, operating in electricity distribution and retail businesses, is the leading electricity company in Turkey with more than 10 thousand employees and 110.00km2 field of activity. Company reaches a population of 21.6 million and serves 10.1 million customers within 14 provinces across 3 distribution regions. EnerjiSA delivers electricity to 1 out of 4 people in Turkey.



EnerjiSA is the leading electric provider in Turkey. With 7000 field workers and 110.00km2 field of activity, EnerjiSA delivers electric to 1 out of 4 people in Turkey. The business is highly dangerous and almost 300 people who work for the electric sector lose their lives every year. 


With Push to Talk Service, IoT solutions and live streaming, EnerjiSA lowered this death count by %40. Computer vision and machine learning is used to automatize the analysis of the videos which are %95 accurate and this automatization lowered the work load by %40 while the critical accidents are also lowered by %40 since 2018. DT has helped both saving lives and provided a discounted cost by its technology.


  • %40 drop in yearly death rate in the dangerous electric distribution services.
  • %40 drop in critical accidents
  • %40 drop in workload 
  • %95 accurate automation