VPC - Cloud Compute Engine(CCE)

Secure and resizable compute resources (Virtual Machines)

DT Cloud VPC

VPC provides secure, resizable compute capacity in the cloud, that has similar functionality as private datacenter – it is just hosted by DT Cloud. With DT Cloud VPC, users can manage their own virtual networks and security policies to provide private communication between applications. 


cost savings

Cost savings on hardware maintenance and upgrades, and on-site IT support staff

improved network security

Improved security through centralized management and monitoring of all devices accessing the network


Add more capacity as your business grows with scalability and pay-as you-go model

remote working

Optimize remote working by allowing users to access virtual desktop from anywhere and any device

VPC Reserved Capacity

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  • Free Image Management Service
  • Free Security Groups
  • Free Router
  • Free DNS
  • Free VPN

Combining benefits with hybrid benefits, it gets scannability from the public cloud and data privacy from the private cloud


Since VPC is hosted on DT public cloud users can grow their network, storage and computing resources depending on their needs.

Resource Allocation And Connectivity
Resource Allocation And Connectivity

Users can manage their own virtual networks and security policies to provide private communication between applications.

Hybrid Infrastructure
Hybrid Infrastructure

VPC can be connected to public cloud and/or to on-premises infrastructure through VPN.


Create multiple layers of security controls around your VPC. You can isolate your workloads, with built-in controls designed to protect against threats.


DT Cloud Platform VDI is an alternative to physical desktops and laptops, with numerous benefits 

All Devices Support

Connect quickly from any device without the need for additional hardware. VDI provides a unified experience across various devices. Virtual desktops, when combined with solutions for seamless single sign-on (SSO) and secure remote access, may be run and managed alongside an increasing range of cloud solutions.

Remote Access

VDI supports enhanced user mobility and remote access, Connect to anything, any time from any location. Workers who are frequently on the go or working remotely need reliable access to corporate resources. Yet despite the many advancements in work-from-anywhere technology, keeping employees continually connected to apps without VDI can be challenging.

Better Security

VDI offers security improvements compared with running everything locally. All data from a VDI connection is stored on endpoints, there’s nothing to lose if a device is stolen or broken. In addition, the VDI environment is fully and centrally controlled from the cloud. In modern digital workspaces where numerous apps must be accessed on demand, VDI facilitates secure and convenient remote access to help boost employee productivity.  Keep data secure by providing the right level of access based.

Cost Saving

VDI technology is an effective cost-cutting strategy for IT. Cloud based desktop you do not need to invest in any new infrastructure, because the vast majority of processing in VDI is server-based and relatively expensive or cutting-edge hardware is not needed. VDI access can be obtained via a low-cost or even an outdated PC. Also you can give employees the freedom to work from anywhere which helps to keep costs down.

Different OS Usage

Easily use multi-OS environments whether it’s Windows, macOS or Linux or everything together.

Scalability Opportunity

Provide additional desktop capacity when needed, and quickly delete desktop instances when they are no longer required.



CCE is a personal and private virtual network space located in a public cloud environment. Each CCE is secure and logically isolated from other virtual networks in the same public cloud. This gives users full control over their CCE to customize and configure their data source. In a CCE, users can leverage the cloud's infrastructure resources such as processing, storage, and networking.

Public Cloud is a cloud service provided with servers on the internet. Private Cloud, on the other hand, is an isolated cloud service that is built on the public cloud but provided with customized servers created for the customer.

It provides many benefits such as security, thanks to the fact that CCE is under the control of the user and offers an isolated environment, savings and easy maintenance because structure is installed on the public cloud and its costs can be met with different customers and easy integration with public and on-premise structures.

While DT Cloud offers low latency for its customers in Turkey, Europe and the Middle East thanks to the number of Availability Zones and the proximity of the locations of these points to each other, it provides high-level service to its business partners with its flexible product range that can be shaped according to customer needs and its always up-to-date technologies.

After creating a DT Cloud account, purchase can be made by adding the CCE product to the cart under product categories.

CCE, which is diversified with monthly, annual and three-year options, is billed as prepaid.

Purchased CCE quotas can be increased from the transactions menu on the detail page of the relevant service in the user panel.