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Capture, manage, and deliver the content your customers want in a secure, fast and scalable environment

DT Cloud Platform for Media & Entertainment

We offer solutions that help with everything from importing and transcoding video to archiving footage in the cloud. Young generations demand instant access to content from anywhere at any time. Technology is the driving force behind this digital media revolution, and 5G network connectivity is accelerating this trend further. We as DT Cloud Platform offer you robust, fast and secure infrastructure to transform your content to be cloud-native.


Allocates the required number of resources according to your current demand.You never overspend for unused resources and over-allocate beyond what is needed, especially during low-use or low-power times.

Cost Benefits

Cloud computing in the media and entertainment industry offers opportunities to keep technology and storage costs in order to balance the rising costs in other areas. By shifting from a CAPEX model to the cloud’s OPEX model, for example, M&E companies can reduce their sunk costs in storage and deliver technologies and infrastructures. Also, using the different tiers of cloud storage SLAs for their hot vs. cold digital assets can reduce storage costs considerably for ME companies.

High Performance and Minimal Downtime

High streaming performance, with minimal delays and downtime, is critical both in terms of user experience as well as advertiser expectations. A six-second delay in streaming an ad for a hit show, for example, can cost a media company hundreds of thousands of dollars that they have to give back to the advertiser.


Whether you are a broadcaster looking to streamline your workflow or a media company looking to digitize your assets, we've got you covered.

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Data Sovereignty and Compliances

DT Cloud Platform has an elastic, highly scalable, and resilient infrastructure that meets data sovereignty requirements and is designed with multiple layers of security controls. DT Cloud Platform meets the strictest data-localization requirements and provides a turnkey solution for business looking for certainty about where their data resides.


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