Build great player experiences and empower your game developers by minimizing infrastructure complexity and increasing security

DT Cloud Platform for Gaming

Gaming industry is experiencing a revolution. Fast-growing hardware and software technologies leveling up the industry to a new stage. DT Cloud Gaming solution empowered with these new technologies enable the next generation of gaming experiences with fast, stable, and secure cloud service, and cost-effective operations. DT Cloud Platform focuses on providing your business with the best cloud services to help you deliver your games to millions of players.


cost savings
Cost-Effective Operations

Save costs and time on game development with highly scalable cloud databases, reliable and high-speed data migration service, agile game data rollbacks, and high-performance remote rendering service.

data safety
Stable and Secure Cloud Services

Defend your game servers against DDoS attacks with high availability and low latency.

High Accessibility
High Performance and Resilient Infrastructure

Provide a smooth gaming experience to global players and scale in/out according to your business needs on DT Cloud Platform’s robust network.


DT Cloud Platform supports game development and operations at different stages and scales with customized deployments based on factors such as the geographical distribution of players in key regions, sensitivity to network latency and data consistency strategies. 

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Data Sovereignty And Compliances

DT Cloud Platform has an elastic, highly scalable, and resilient infrastructure that meets data sovereignty requirements and is designed with multiple layers of security controls. DT Cloud Platform meets the strictest data-localization requirements and provides a turnkey solution for business looking for certainty about where their data resides.

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