Fully-automated Disaster Recovery

Recover operations in a few clicks fastly, painlessly and efficiently


You never know when and how disaster can hit your workload, whether it is a human or hardware error, environmental or application failure. But you may always be sure with DT Cloud Disaster Recovery you will have fast recovery of all your workloads and business continuity

Disaster Recovery for Physical and Virtual Workloads

Minimize downtime by enabling easy, scalable, and efficient cloud-based recovery of all popular workloads including physical servers and VMs

Public or Private Cloud Disaster Recovery

DT Cloud Platform disaster recovery solution supports both private or public cloud

Multi-cloud Disaster Recovery

Restore access to your data even with multi cloud infrastructure

On-premise Disaster Recovery

Replicate all business-critical data, individual files, applications, or full systems on-premise

Robust Protection For Your Data And Business-Critical Workloads

Fully-Automated DR
Fully-Automated DR

Enterprise-grade disaster recovery is fully-automated and replicates workloads from physical environments to cloud platforms

Low RPOs
Low RPOs

With continuous data protection, all changes in business-critical applications are captured and backed up so no data is lost

Low RTOs
Low RTOs

Recover instantly locally or to the cloud

Minimize Downtime Of Workload Recovery
Minimize Downtime of Workload Recovery

Powerful failback to production helps to return workloads back without any data loss and downtime