Protect your entire IT environment from any failures or human error. Defend your workloads  and ensure business continuity with fast and reliable backup

Backup as a Service

DT Cloud Platform Platform enables backup for both cloud and legacy systems. Migrate data from VMs or physical machines to the cloud. You can back up all business-critical data, individual files, applications, or full systems both with hot and cold storage.

Continuouns Data Protection

Ensure users don't lose their in-progress work by defining a list of critical apps that are frequently used.

20+ Platforms Protected

Safeguard data across physical, virtual, cloud and mobile environments.

Quick, Reliable Recovery

Get fast and reliable recovery of your apps, systems and data on any device, from any incident.

Minimize data loss across all infrastructure and workloads

Increase Automation and Productivity
Increase Automation and Productivity

Reduce the CPU/RAM consumption and have near-zero RPOs

Protect All Workloads
Protect All Workloads

Backup VM, Bare Metal, Mac, Windows, Linux, Microsoft 365, Hyper-V, etc

Greater Access
Greater Access

Access your files anytime, anywhere you have an internet connection

Better Protection
Better Protection

Isolate your data from local device failure, malware attacks or natural disasters

Less Downtime

Ensure you can quickly restore your system so you can keep running.


Considering the periods determined according to the needs of the user, the most appropriate Protection Plan model is designed.

There are two methods as Full Backup and Incremental Backup. With full backup, the machine assigned to the plan is backed up to cover all the content. Incremental backup, on the other hand, backs up the differences between the last Full Backup and the last state of the machine.

Within the scope of the Protection Plan, the data is kept in backup for the period agreed with the user.

Data is kept in DT Cloud data centers in accordance with the data protection regulations of the service region/country.