VPS - Light Compute (LC)

Strong security, flexible management and easy scaling of Virtual Machines (VMs)

DT Cloud VPS

Virtual environments that imitate dedicated servers within a multi-tenant environment. It is an individual container Virtual Machine, which is a functional equivalent of a separate physical computer. Together with full isolation and focus on your  needs, DT Cloud VPS ensures high level privacy and can be configured to run server software for your services and applications.



Self-service portal for users


The true pay-per-use pricing model


Automatic VPS instance installation based on the preferred OS: Windows and Linux


Robust dashboard with numerous environment and node management options

VPS Packages 

Use VPS as pay-as-you-go or just pick up a package that fits your needs.   
You always can scale up later
General Purpose  (1:4)   RAM/GBvCPU/UnitTransfer/TBLinux/Unix List Price $Linux/Unix 70% Discount *
Basic111$ 1.400$ 4.20
Small213$ 28.00$ 8.40
Medium824$ 38.00$ 11.40
Large1645$ 59.90$ 17.97
Xlarge3286$ 119.90$ 35.97
2XLarge64167$ 166.33$ 49.90
3XLarge64248$ 315.00$ 94.50
4XLarge1283210$ 430.00$ 129.00
  Select what you need.  
General SSD/GB
  $ 0.050.015  
  $ 0.09 0.027  
   Start now from $4.20  


CPU Optimized (1:2)RAM/GBvCPU/UnitTransfer/TBLinux/Unix List Price $Linux/Unix 70% Discount*
c.Medium424$ 34.39$ 10.32
c.Large845$ 50.00$ 15.00
c.XLarge1686$ 93.00$ 27.90
c.2XLarge32167$ 156.33$ 46.90
c.3XLarge32249$ 274.00$ 82.20
c.4XLarge643210$ 410.00$ 123.00
  Select what you need.  
General SSD/GB
  $ 0.050.015  
  $ 0.09 0.027  
   Start now from $10.32  


RAM Optimized (1:8)RAM/GBvCPU/UnitTransfer/TBLinux/Unix List Price $Linux/Unix 70% Discount*
m.Small413$ 33.00$ 9.90
m.Medium1624$ 54.00$ 16.20
m.Large3246$ 108.00$ 32.40
m.XLarge6487$ 203.00$ 60.90
m.2XLarge128168$ 236.00$ 70.80
m.3XLarge1282410$ 360.00$ 108.00
m.4XLarge2563212$ 490.00$ 147.00
  Select what you need.  
General SSD/GB
  $ 0.050.015  
  $ 0.09 0.027  
   Start now from $9.90  
  • Free Image Management Service
  • Free SSH Keys
  • Free Metrics
  • Free Floating IP
Windows or Linux hosting support allows companies to host web applications and services that are run on the Windows or Linux operating system. Platform combines the functionality of a Virtual Machine with the availability of the Cloud to complement the strength of the operating system. 


robust environment
Robust Environment

  • Built-in file manager
  • Web SSH client
  • Dedicated public IP
  • Built-in statistics monitoring and configurable load alerts
  • Powerful API for automation and scripting
  • Ensured account safety with two-factor authentication


Each given VPS represents a completely independent instance and can’t be influenced by any other account on the hardware​

manage virtual machine
Full Control

It is possible to manage your virtual machine in any preferred way due to the provided root permissions​


The server can be automatically scaled vertically and horizontally by setting the resource limits

Cost Effectiveness

No need to purchase and maintain a real dedicated physical server

updates and compatibility
Managed Stack

VPS software solution ensures regular updates and full compatibility with the platform

App Developers and API Services

Developers creating and deploying applications or API services may choose VPS hosting which creates secure environments, and fine-grained control over their server configurations.

Online Gaming and Virtual Worlds

VPS provides necessary resources, low latency, and administrative control to create and manage their gaming or virtual experiences, which helps gamers and virtual world enthusiast to use host servers to create  multiplayer enviroments or virtual world

Online Stores and E-commerce Websites

Online stores and e-commerce websites require secure and reliable hosting solutions, which is nececery for handling traffic like online payment, product catalogs and database of customers.

Cost Saving

Level up your savings with VPS hosting - all the power of a dedicated server without breaking the bank on hardware maintenance!

Different OS Usage

Easily use multi-OS environments whether it’s Windows, macOS or Linux or everything together.

Scalability Opportunity

Provide additional desktop capacity when needed, and quickly delete desktop instances when they are no longer required.



LC is a virtual machine which has all the necessary software and data to run an application or website. It  consumes only a fraction of the physical resources of the server managed by a third-party provider such as DT Cloud. You can always access your private resources on this hardware.

LC is a virtual machine that processes systems from a server. A dedicated server is a physical server without virtualization layers. The advantage of an LC is that virtual machines can easily scale to the capabilities of your project; It is when it comes to cost and solution that you can take advantage of it.

An LC  is a Virtual Machine (VM) on a server. A CCE is a specialized environment that is distributed across multiple servers, providing greater resolution and scalability to meet specific requirements.

DT LC supports Linux operating systems. You can choose from popular operating systems, including Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora, and CentoS. You can purchase your package according to your operating system via user platform. You can also run Windows or Acronis on your VPS services. If you want to use the Windows or Acronis example, you can submit your request via the "Contact Us" form. Our DT Cloud Customer Support Specialist will support you.

You can upgrade each Light Compute product you have purchased to Cloud Compute from the transactions menu on the detail page of the relevant service in your user panel.

If your capacity is supported, you can use many services without paying management fees. You will only pay for capacity and also DT Cloud Platform provides you strong security, flexible management and easy scaling for Virtual Machines (VM).

You should use DT Cloud LC to reduce your storage costs, get quality service and get help from our expert DT Cloud Customer Support department.

You must purchase your LC backup service separately. You can open a ticket in the "Contact Us" section, our Customer Support Specialists will assist you with your backup service.

DT Cloud provides you a secure LC. However, if you want extra security in your service, you should purchase WAF, DDoS or Firewall services separately. You can open a ticket in the "Contact Us" section, our Customer Support Specialists will assist you with your security service.

After creating a DT Cloud account, purchases can be made by adding the LC product to the cart under product categories.

The LC product is billed prepaid.