AI Computer Vision

Reduce costs, make better decisions and become more efficient

DT Cloud Platform Computer Vision

Allows computers to capture and interpret meaningful information from images and videos using cameras or video sensors. Obtained data from visual inputs with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) help classify objects and respond with automated actions.

Improve Safety

Spot unsafe behaviors alerting when employees make a dangerous mistake.

Grow Innovation

Gain valuable insights from the massive amounts of data computer vision generates.

Improve Work Efficiency

Reduce human efforts and fasten the work process by automating repetitive tasks.

Reduce Cost

Reduce labor costs by training your computer.

Improve Accuracy

Eliminate human errors, since computer vision is more accurate than human vision.

Better Decision Making
Better Decision Making

Analyze data and patterns from sensors and cameras to optimize work processes.

DT Cloud Platform practical solutions for AI Computer Vision are changing the way businesses operate

Equipment Inspection

Computer trained to recognize unsafe behaviors like not wearing required equipment and then alerting when employees make a mistake. It can be used in different industries but especially to reduce accidents in the energy or manufacturing sector.

Face Analysis

It's a face recognition technology that uses Artificial Intelligence algorithms based on Deep Learning. Also it can instantly determines the gender and mood of people.

people counter
People Counter

It is used to figure out how many people are entering and exiting a place at any given time. It shows the entire entry-exit process. ​

Screen Management

It enables stores’ screens to be controlled instantly from a single location. With Target Audience Analysis, it allows screens to be handled automatically based on a customer's demographic status.


With the use of deep learning and machine learning-based AI, the system makes predictions and provides both past customer numbers and future density estimates, weather conditions on related days, seasonality effect. Also businesses can make better decisions about where to put their products or services based on consumer preferences.

Target Group Analysis

It instantly determines the gender, age, and mood (happy, scared, sad...) of people and provides analysis based on the information. It can be used in the retail industry specifically in stores. It also has the potential to sell commercials and content products based on the mood of the consumers.