Content Delivery Network (CDN)

Drastically speeds up the delivery of web content and  brings it  closer to users and audience

DT Cloud CDN

Gives scalability, performance, speed and security for your hosted in the cloud project. CDN helps reduce latency, accelerate load time, reduce bandwidth consumption, secure websites and block scrapers damaging the servers.

How much you save with DT Cloud CDN Platform

Save up to 65% on CDN plus receive free

  • DNS 
  • 25 automated WAF rules

DT Cloud Platform CDN reserved capacity

DT Cloud helping you as a fast and secure CDN platform

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cost savings

Cost savings on hardware maintenance and upgrades, and on-site IT support staff

improved network security

Improved security through centralized management and monitoring of all devices accessing the network


Add more capacity as your business grows with scalability and pay-as you-go model

remote working

Optimize remote working by allowing users to access virtual desktop from anywhere and any device


DT Cloud Platform VDI is an alternative to physical desktops and laptops, with numerous benefits 

All Devices Support

Connect quickly from any device without the need for additional hardware. VDI provides a unified experience across various devices. Virtual desktops, when combined with solutions for seamless single sign-on (SSO) and secure remote access, may be run and managed alongside an increasing range of cloud solutions.

Remote Access

VDI supports enhanced user mobility and remote access, Connect to anything, any time from any location. Workers who are frequently on the go or working remotely need reliable access to corporate resources. Yet despite the many advancements in work-from-anywhere technology, keeping employees continually connected to apps without VDI can be challenging.

Better Security

VDI offers security improvements compared with running everything locally. All data from a VDI connection is stored on endpoints, there’s nothing to lose if a device is stolen or broken. In addition, the VDI environment is fully and centrally controlled from the cloud. In modern digital workspaces where numerous apps must be accessed on demand, VDI facilitates secure and convenient remote access to help boost employee productivity.  Keep data secure by providing the right level of access based.

Cost Saving

VDI technology is an effective cost-cutting strategy for IT. Cloud based desktop you do not need to invest in any new infrastructure, because the vast majority of processing in VDI is server-based and relatively expensive or cutting-edge hardware is not needed. VDI access can be obtained via a low-cost or even an outdated PC. Also you can give employees the freedom to work from anywhere which helps to keep costs down.

Different OS Usage

Easily use multi-OS environments whether it’s Windows, macOS or Linux or everything together.

Scalability Opportunity

Provide additional desktop capacity when needed, and quickly delete desktop instances when they are no longer required.


Live Game, Sports and Events Streaming
Live Game, Sports and Events Streaming

DT Cloud Platform Live Streaming service provides you on-site encoder, backup for your live feed, and an uninterrupted streaming experience for your viewers. A Live Streaming CDN Resource delivers live streaming through the CDN network. The protocols we support: RTMP, RTSP (Android OS), MPEG-TS, Microsoft Silverlight (Microsoft smooth streaming), HDS (HTTP Dynamic Streaming), Apple HLS. Deliver fast, secure websites

Bring Your Content Closer To Your Customer

Game and media companies are calling for customized, scalable, reliable, and agile database resolutions to deal with traffic bursts, server merges, leaderboards, game data rollback for in-game bug fixes, database connection persistence, traffic purchase optimization, and more.

A purpose-built global network architecture that supports edge termination is ideal for dynamic web content delivery. This will allow you to provide faster loading times and more reliable service to your customers.
Increase The Speed Of Dynamic Content And APIs Delivery

A purpose-built global network architecture that supports edge termination is ideal for dynamic web content delivery. This will allow you to provide faster loading times and more reliable service to your customers.



CDN refers to a geographically distributed group of servers that work together to provide rapid distribution of Internet content. It increases the content availability and redundancy by reducing the loading speed and bandwidth usage of web content.

By distributing content closer to website visitors using a nearby CDN server (among other optimizations), visitors can access content faster, with faster page loading. Through caching and other optimizations, CDNs can reduce the amount of data a source server must provide, thereby reducing hosting costs for website owners. Thanks to its distributed architecture, the CDN can handle more traffic and withstand hardware failures better than many source servers. It increases security by providing hardware as well as other optimizations such as improvements to DDOS and security certificates.

After creating a DT Cloud account, purchase can be made by adding the CDN product to the cart under product categories.