Object Storage (S3)

Cloud storage for all your workloads with unlimited scalability, data availability, security, easy-to-use management capabilities and 99.99% durability

DT Cloud Object Storage

Fault-tolerant software-defined storage on infrastructure level, elastic block, file and object storage on application level. Object storage is optimized for storing billions of objects, in particular for application storage, static web content hosting, online storage services, big data, and backups. All of these uses are enabled by object storage thanks to a combination of very high scalability, data availability, and consistency.

Object Storage (S3)

No fees for

  • API Request
  • Put & Get
10.65 $

No fees for

  • API Request
  • Put & Get
$ 2.88


One Platform for Multiple Workloads

Build and store any data or application in a private, public and/or hybrid cloud​ with DT Cloud platform S3 object storage.

Scalability and Flexibility​

Grow your storage in small steps – horizontally or vertically – without the need to buy a new chassis to increase your compute or storage capacity.

Cost Reduction

Efficient pay-as-you-use pricing model based on current load and pay only for consumed resources.

High Performance and Availability​
  • Run any applications or services in parallel
  • No single point of failure, ensuring data is always available
  • Flexible redundancy schemes to fit both high performance and low redundancy overhead requirements​
  • Prevent data loss from any server or disk with clustered architecture by design


Easy and Smooth Scalibility

Delivers great performance on petabytes scale with low hardware-resource consumption

Scales-up performance

  • Add/upgrade CPU, RAM, I/O controllers
  • Add SSD cache/SSD journaling
  • Execute everything on live production system

Scales-up capacity

  • Grow as needed keeping initial costs low
  • Upgrade existing disks at any time

Scales-out performance and capacity

  • Experience better performance and capacity, reliability and recovery speed by adding additional hyper-converged nodes as needed
  • Grow your system as your business grows
  • Get near-linear scalability for dozens of nodes in the cluster

Tiering & Catching

    As capacities increase, a substantial percentage of data will become inactive, providing an opportunity to archive to less expensive medium.
  • accelerate performance
  • boosts operating flow
  • creates optimized and manageable attitude



S3 is an object storage service built to retrieve and store data of any size, from anywhere. It is a simple storage service that offers industry-leading durability, availability, performance, security, and virtually unlimited scalability at very low costs.

S3 provides a simple web service interface where you can store and retrieve any amount of data, anytime, anywhere. Using this service, you can easily create applications that use cloud-based storage. Because S3 is highly scalable and you only pay for what you use, you can start your applications small and grow as you please without sacrificing performance or reliability.

You can store any type of data in any format you want.

There are no limits on the total volume of data you store or the total number of objects.

All data is stored in DT Cloud's Data Centers.

After creating a DT Cloud account, purchase can be made by adding the S3 product to the cart under product categories.

The S3 product is billed on a prepaid basis.

You can track your capacity usage on the platform that will be provided to you after the account is created.