Success Stories

We believe there is no single scenario for digital transformation as there is no one size fits it all approach. Like fingerprints, no two companies are exactly alike. But no matter what is the industry and size of your company and what goals, budgets or needs you have, you always find the right solution inside DT Cloud 


Dentsoft provides dental software services with Private cloud technology using DT Cloud infrastructure. Before DT Cloud , they were working with limited capacity and limited customers, and there was always an additional cost when they had another customer.

Cookshop is now able to manage its IT infrastructure easily, with lower costs, improved security, and faster connectivity for all branches using Cloud Migration, Object Storage, VPC, DDoS, Load Balancer and Backup.

Cookshop is a restaurant chain that offers taste and comfort together in…

Uyar Holding  
Uyar Holding

Uyar Holding changed and modernize their connectivity and monitoring infrastructure from unmanageable and complex to secure, simple and proactively manageable.

Uyar Holding is operating in 7 different sectors with 6 companies, 5 production facilities and more than 1.300 employees. It…

Biruni University  
Biruni University

Biruni University and Hospital Builds a Solid IT Foundation with High-Performance Network and Storage Solutions

Biruni University — Turkey’s most comprehensive medical university — has more than 9000 students, including over 300 international students, across six faculties. Indeed, it…

Fingate Digital Services HUB

Fingate Teknoloji Achieved Maximum Security and Efficiency Through Successful Migration to DT Cloud with VPC, Object Storage, Kubernetes, WAF, DDoS, Load Balancer, and VPN Technologies while Meeting Strict Data Regulations and Ensuring End-to-End Data Safety.

As a vision, the company…


Combining CDN, Kubernetes, Security as a Service, Cloud Connectivity and compute DT Cloud enables Ingame  to deliver high quality gaming experiences to all customers, optimize infrastructure and reduce cost. 

InGame Group is the fastest growing Turkish gaming company and the…


Enerjisa reduced critical accident cases and workload by 40% with DT Cloud IoT devices, Computer Vision and Push to Talk service .

Enerjisa Enerji, operating in electricity distribution and retail businesses, is the leading electricity company in Turkey with more than 10 thousand employees…

Yeditepe University  
Yeditepe University

Yeditepe University, One of the Pioneers of Education Transformation, Adopts DT Cloud VDI, LMS and Virtual Classroom Solutions to Create a Modern and Innovative Learning Environment.

Yeditepe University is a private foundation university situated in Istanbul, Turkey. Established by the…