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Protect sensitive data with local infrastructure and all required compliances, scale to serve your customers better, make smarter data-driven decisions, simplify collaborations and ensure business continuity even in time of a disaster

DT Cloud Platform for Banking&Insurance

With countless cloud computing and technology combinations DT Cloud created solutions for financial institutions like banks, capital markets and insurance companies to not only become digital but also generate profit and value for them. We help improve your company's security and efficiency, reduce costs, make it easier to keep up with rapidly changing technology and create better customer experience.


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Capital expenditure to operating expenses

Rather than having to incur capital expenditures (CapEx) for an internal data center (along with all of the additional costs associated with in-house data centers, such as utilities, employees, and maintenance), the only costs to consider are just the operating expenses (OpEx) needed to operate a cloud computing infrastructure. You only pay for what you use with cloud computing.

Scalability and flexibility

The necessary changes to computational power or storage capabilities result in a considerable gain in flexibility and scalability. Because cloud infrastructure, performance, solutions and services are adaptable to required scenarios and demands. Furthermore,  DT Cloud Platform gives organizations the agility they need to explore new potential solutions or enhance existing ones without experiencing revenue losses.

High Accessibility
Performance and data analytics

Since the complexity and diversity of data is constantly increasing, it is critical for organizations to improve their data analytics abilities to make intelligent business decisions. Even complicated data (volumes) may be quickly integrated and analyzed in a targeted manner to acquire insights and suggestions that boost the operational efficiency and profitability by flexibly adjusting computing resources and applying modern technologies for data analysis.

conersion rate or analysis
Real-time reporting and data availability

Real-time reporting, based on an optimized cloud computing infrastructure with a live-streaming service, contributes significantly to decision-making efficiency. Data that is important for decision making  no longer need to be gathered manually or communicated through multiple channels, but may instead be incorporated into a consolidated data platform and available instantaneously to a wide variety of user groups via reporting tools. Collaboration, connection, and information sharing are absolutely seamless.

Security and data protection

By preventing unauthorized identification of data stored in the cloud, DT Cloud Platform solutions may provide a high degree of safety for critical data. The gathering and use of data is transparent, and in accordance with rules and data-localization standards. You can be confident that all data is stored within national borders and protected with strong cybersecurity.

Solution that meets your needs

DT Cloud Platform solution meets the needs of banking and insurance companies by providing the ability to scalably store and access sensitive data in a single place, according to strictest data localization and compliance requirements, while keeping it safe and secure.  Disaster recovery provisions or backup solutions protect data integrity in case of loss or damage due to various reasons from man made mistakes to natural disasters. Organizations receive greater speed and flexibility along with high performance computing,  virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI), Big Data analysis, IoT and AI technologies.


Local presence and require compliances

Our local presence allows us to comply with the most strictest data localization requirements. DT Cloud Platform is licensed by BTK and has compliance standards like ISO 27001 and 9001 certifications.

Identity and access control

Define and manage identity and access policies by location, individual and time, while enforcing governance through a variety of approaches, including authentication, identity access management (IAM), and single sign-on (SSO).

All level security

Protect and enhance the security of endpoints against malware, unpatched vulnerabilities, data leaks, and other potential cybersecurity risks. Protect your workloads from malicious or unauthorized traffic with next-generation firewalls, intrusion prevention and detection systems, and virtual private network (VPN).

Hybrid infrastructure

Hybrid cloud is a cloud computing model that combines the best of both public and private clouds. Hybrid cloud can be used to meet the specific needs of governments, allowing them to build a customized infrastructure that meets their unique requirements and needs.

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure is a solution for businesses that want to reduce costs and increase efficiency by centralizing their desktop computing environment. VDI also allows you to easily add more capacity as your business grows. You can also protect data in case of hardware failure by storing it on the DT Cloud Platform VDI servers instead of on individual device.

Limitless Scalability

Automatically scale any application, making it truly flexible and efficient. Without manual control automatic scaling allocates the required number of resources according to your current demand. You never overspend for unused resources and over-allocate beyond what is needed, especially during low-use or low-power times.

Tailored solutions

We individualize our customers' experiences and tailor all our services and solutions to meet requirements.  DT Cloud Platform helps financial institutions not only reduce cost, minimize risks and secure data, but also innovate, solve real life problems, help quickly respond to changes and maximize performance.

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Trust your cloud

DT Cloud Platform has an elastic, highly scalable, and resilient infrastructure that meets data sovereignty requirements and is designed with multiple layers of security controls. DT Cloud Platform meets the strictest data-localization requirements and provides a turnkey solution for everyone looking for certainty about where their data resides.


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