Turn your shop into a smart business, create great customer experience,  get the most out of received data and increase sales performance

DT Cloud Platform for Retail

Digital transformation is impacting all aspects of retail and DT Cloud Platform offers solutions that combine big data and AI with IoT to unleash the potential of your business, improve customer insights, provide personalized shopping experiences, reduce in-store abandonment rates, and increase conversions. Determine and analyze your visitors profile.


Transform Customer Experiences

Harness customer insights to create the best customer experience possible.

Increase Conversion Rate

Analyze customer flow, demographics and emotions for better product and advertisement placement.

Decrease Operation Cost

Everything is automated, there is no need for additional labor.

Improve Efficiency and Insights

Create automated predictions for the future actions to position your brand and products, influence customer choice, and increase conversions.

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Data Sovereignty and Compliances

DT Cloud Platform has an elastic, highly scalable, and resilient infrastructure that meets data sovereignty requirements and is designed with multiple layers of security controls. DT Cloud Platform meets the strictest data-localization requirements and provides a turnkey solution for business looking for certainty about where their data resides.


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