Build and manage the entire infrastructure as a single whole on cloud, on-premise or hybrid infrastructure

Kubernetes as a Service

Automate the deployment, management  and scalability of applications with Kubernetes.  Easily build cloud-native microservice applications and migrate all existing projects into containers for more efficiency and resiliency. Kubernetes can handle complex tasks of container orchestration, such as deployment, service discovery, rolling upgrades, self-healing, and security management. 

Kubernetes can help organizations streamline the deployment of new applications, simplify container and resource management, reduce upgrade risks, and eliminate downtime. It can scale application components individually or as a group and support portable, cloud-based applications.


The containerized environment allows automatically scale up or down the infrastructure and provides load distribution to scaled containers.

Deployment Flexibility
Deployment Flexibility

Multi-cloud, hybrid cloud, single cloud or-on premise Kubernetes makes it easier to unify.

Faster Time to Market
Faster Time to Market

Containerization gives you the agility to move much faster with software delivery.

Cost Savings
Cost Savings

Using containers help you better optimize your infrastructure resource.

The Community
The Community

One of the superpowers of containerization is the fantastic community around cloud-native tools.

Deployment Flexibility
Deployment Flexibility
$ 19/Special price for launch

First, select your package or pay as you go model. Then, when your package or model starts to be actively used, you just need to activate the "Kubernetes" service. You only pay as much as the month you use it and fixed price for unlimited usage.

  • Unlimited use 
  • No commitment 
  • List price is $49



Automated deployment, autoscaling, automatic discovery of new nodes, and automated updates.


High density, efficient resource usage and elasticity while running with containers inside containers (nested) architecture.


Pay-per-Use pricing.Automatic scaling with payment based on the real consumption, not on a server size.


Multi-cloud hybrid deployments. Provision the Kubernetes clusters across multiple clouds and on-premise with full interoperability and no vendor lock-in.


Automatically scale them vertically and horizontally easily achieving high availability.


Built-in GitLab CI/CD pipeline and storage.AutoDevOps helps to establish a CI/CD pipeline that automatically detects, builds, tests, and deploys the projects.


Built-in troubleshooting and monitoring.


Load Balancing and SSL support.