Enerjisa reduced critical accident situations and workload by 40% using DT Cloud's IoT devices, live streaming, Push-to-Talk services, and Image Processing.
  • Enerjisa reduced critical accident situations and workload by 40% with DT Cloud IoT devices, live streaming, Push-to-Talk service and Image Processing.
  • Sector
    • Energy
  • Number of Employees
    10.000 Employee
  • Used Product

Enerjisa Enerji Improves Safety and Reduces Workload with DT Cloud

Enerjisa Enerji is a leading Turkish electricity company operating in the electricity distribution and retail sectors. With over 10,000 employees, it serves a wide area of operation covering 110,000 square kilometers. Enerjisa provides access to electricity for a population of 22.1 million, offering services in 14 provinces across three distribution regions, and reaching one-quarter of the Turkish population.


The energy sector is a dangerous industry that carries many risks, including high-risk jobs, aging infrastructure, and the need for new technologies and analytical tools. As a company operating in this sector, Enerjisa faces these challenges, which result in the loss of more than 300 lives each year.


Recognizing the need for innovative solutions to mitigate risks and enhance safety, Enerjisa embraced the transformative power of DT Cloud. By adopting DT Cloud's cutting-edge technologies, Enerjisa has achieved a remarkable digital transformation and significantly increased security across its operations. DT Cloud Solutions Reduction in Critical Accident Fatalities by 40%: • Push to Talk: Facilitates instant communication, enabling rapid response to emergencies. •Live Streaming: Real-time monitoring of incidents, facilitating swift coordination and decision-making. • AI-powered Image Processing and IoT Devices: Proactive identification of hazardous situations, enabling timely preventive measures. • Automatic Video Analysis with 95% Accuracy: Ensures critical moments are not overlooked, minimizing risks. Leveraging AI and Machine Learning: •Predictive Risk Assessment and Prevention: Empowers proactive identification and mitigation of potential risks. • Optimized Maintenance and Repair: Minimizes downtime and prevents accidents through intelligent scheduling. •Enhanced Safety and Efficiency of Energy Networks: Safeguards critical infrastructure and optimizes energy distribution.


Enerjisa's digital transformation and security enhancement with DT Cloud has become a significant success story not only for the company but also for the entire energy sector and occupational safety areas. Enerjisa has increased its operational efficiency, improved safety and increased customer satisfaction thanks to the innovative solutions offered by DT Cloud. This success is an important example not only for Enerjisa but also for other companies in the energy sector and all stakeholders in the field of occupational safety. The artificial intelligence, image processing, IoT and other cloud-based technologies offered by DT Cloud will reveal new ways to increase efficiency and ensure safety in the energy sector. Enerjisa's pioneering work emphasizes the importance of digital transformation in the energy sector and inspires the implementation of similar projects.
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