By transitioning to DT Cloud, Cookshop transformed its IT infrastructure management across branches, reducing costs, enhancing security measures, and improving connection quality.

Cookshop's Recipe for Success: DT Cloud's IT Solutions

Cookshop is a restaurant chain with over 40 branches, known for blending Turkish and global flavors while providing a comfortable dining experience in city's popular locations. Opening its doors in Nişantaşı in 2008, Cookshop also includes the Magnolia Shop and Cookbox brands. The company's ambitious goals include expanding its presence across Turkey and entering the global market.


Successful and rapidly growing company Cookshop faced IT management challenges including new investment needs, and security concerns. The company's infrastructure became increasingly complex with the addition of various systems used by different departments. This complexity significantly increased the time and resources required for management and maintenance activities. During business expansion and new branch opening initiatives, Cookshop made significant investments to modernize its IT infrastructure and create new systems. This process required extensive use of the company's financial resources. The security of customer and business information has always been a priority for Cookshop. With the increase in cyber security threats, this area became even more important, and the company had to continuously seek innovative solutions to protect sensitive data and ensure the security of customer information. To overcome these challenges, Cookshop focused on simplifying its IT infrastructure, embracing new technologies such as cloud computing, and strengthening security measures through advanced tools and procedures


Seeking a competitive edge, Cookshop strategically migrated to DT Cloud. This move provided the company with a highly scalable technological foundation aligned with its growth goals.
  • Complete Control with Robust Security
    Advanced security measures such as DDoS Protection, Load Balancing, WAF, and Advanced Backup strengthened Cookshop's cyber defense.
  • Cost Optimization and Increased Efficiency
    Solutions such as Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) and S3 Object Storage reduced costs while increasing operational efficiency.
  • Fast and Reliable Connectivity
    With DT Cloud's Cloud Network, Cookshop achieved fast and reliable network connectivity across all its branches.


Cookshop now benefits from simplified IT infrastructure that's easier to manage, along with reduced costs, improved security, and a seamless network connecting all branches. The company is now better positioned to pursue its growth strategy and deliver the highest quality products and dining experiences to its customers worldwide.
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