Database as a Service (DBaaS)

Automated relational database provisioning, clusterization, scaling & updates for MySQL and PostgreSQL

DT Cloud Platform

DBaaS  provides access to a database without the need to set up physical hardware, install software or  configure the database. Choose a relational database that meets your needs and deploy it on the cloud or on-premises.

Freedom of Scalability

DT Cloud Platform dynamically provides the number of cloudlets (RAM and CPU resources) which are required by your application to handle the current load. Just specify the maximum limit, and everything else will be performed by the platform automatically – no manual intervention is needed. Automatic vertical scaling ensures that users never overpay for unused capacity and save time due to eliminating the necessity of handling the load-related adjustments or architectural changes.

Pay-per-use Pricing

You can set a maximum Scaling Limit for each database, so the resources will always be available. No matter how high or how low the limit is, the cost will only be based on real usage. The rest of the allocated resources will be waiting in the pool, totally free of charge. This solves the right-sizing problem, as you don’t need to guess how much resources to allocate to ensure high performance during average loads, and when loads spike.

Data Safety

Add Backup or Disaster Recovery DT Cloud Platform solutions may provide a high degree of safety for critical data. The gathering and use of data is transparent, and in accordance with rules and data-localization standards. You can be confident that all data is stored within national borders, protected with strong cybersecurity and complete with ISO 27001and ISO 9001.

DT DBaaS is fully compatible and integratable with all other DT Cloud Platform services like Kubernetes, VPS, Object storage.

no management burden
No Management Burden

DT Cloud Platform is responsible for most of management and administrative tasks

No need for physical infrastructure
No Need for Physical Infrastructure

DT Cloud Platform provides all infrastructure for database

Flexible Usage

Scale storage according to your needs

reduced cost
Reduced IT Costs

Users do not need to manage and schedule database hardware upgrades

increased savings
Increased Savings

Increase saving by reducing capital expenditures, staffing, physical space, electrical and operating costs