Digital Identity

Your identity card is in your pocket

Fame Identity

Fame Identity is a Digital Identity platform which uses blockchain infrastructure, where you can keep all the identities that you keep inside your wallet, such as your employee ID, student ID, citizenship ID card, on your mobile phone. 


You do not need to take a photo of your identity and send it to third parties or companies to prove your identity on digital platforms. Thanks to Fame Identity, you can obtain your identity digitally from any institution. With blockchain technology, you can add your identity directly to the system and present your identity either in the real world or in the digital world. Only you can add or access your IDs to Fame, it is not possible for any institution or person to reach your identity. 



Personal information is perhaps one of the most valuable concepts in contemporary society.   

Fame Identity, on the other hand, is an application that gathers all identities including your personal information together and under a single roof and allows you to securely store them on your mobile phone.  

Since your information is stored on your phone instead of being centralized, it is impossible for others to access this data. 

  • All your identities are safe, just one click away 
  • Ability to view your identities stored on your phone with maximum security, even if you are offline
  • Ability to present ID with QR code without showing your personal information
  • Opportunity to instantly benefit from special privileges and campaigns

Use casses


For users to accecss insurance, treatment, to monitor health devices, wearables; for care providers to demonstrate their qualifications.

Smart Cities

To monitor devices and sensors transmitting data, such as energy usage, air quality, traffic congestion.

Financial Services

To open bank accounts; to carry out online financial transaction.


For user to own and use devices; for service providers to monitor devices and data on the network.

Food and Sustainability

For farmers and consumers to verify provenance of produce, to enhance value and traceability in supply chains.


For citizens to access and use service; file taxes, vote, collect benefits.

Travel And Mobility

To book trips; to go through border control between countries or regions.

Social Platforms

For social interacrions; to access third-party services that rely on social media logins.

Humanitarian Response

To access services; to demonstrate qualification to work in a foreign country.


To shop; to conduct business transactions and secure payments.

Public transportation

Metro-metrobüs-bus cards.


In places where discounts are offered (e.g. to students) such as cinema, theater.