Virtual Private Network (VPN)

Create a trusted environment with restricted access to securely transfer information via public and private channels

DT Cloud Platform VPN

An advanced site-to-site solution that helps to connect different infrastructure types like on-premises instances with cloud servers. With DT Cloud VPN easily extend virtual networks across public networks to send and receive data as if compute instances are directly connected to the private network.


Secure virtual tunnels between multiple private networks.


Connect remote company branches into one network.


Have access to project resources in the cloud without the need for additional software or hardware.


Ability to connect corporate infrastructures deployed to different on-premises or public clouds.


Scale easily, increase or decrease the number of VPN users and bandwidth as needed.


DT Cloud Platform VPN implementation uses the Internet Key Exchange (IKE) and IP Security (IPsec) protocols to establish secure VPN connections and is based on the strongSwan IPsec solution. To connect two or more remote endpoints, VPNs use virtual connections tunneled through physical networks. To secure the VPN communication, the traffic that flows between remote endpoints is encrypted.