Domain Name System (DNS)

Fast, reliable resilient, and secure name servers hosted in DT Cloud Platform

DT Cloud Platform DNS

With highly available and scalable DNS you will have access to a robust infrastructure that ensures fast, accurate and secure resolution of internet requests.


DT Cloud DNS enables you to host your DNS domain alongside with other DT Cloud Platform services. You can manage your DNS records using the our portal.


Our global DNS network is built for speed, security, and reliability. Our full suite of high-performance options makes it easy to customize your security, privacy and performance needs.


Using DNS allows you to register a domain name, host content on the web, and set up your website in a matter of minutes. The DNS routing service will route your traffic directly to your site using a dynamic IP address.


Route end users to your site reliably with globally-dispersed DNS servers and automatic scaling.


Easily create new domains in the cloud, or add more domains as your business grows with automatic scaling.


DT Cloud DNS delivers automatic failover if anything should happen to your primary DNS, ensuring your websites stay online at all times.