Edge Thunder

Edge Thunder Platform is an integrated solution that facilitates the deployment, management, and monitoring of applications across a private or hybrid cloud landscape, allowing for greater flexibility, scalability, and efficiency in application deployment and management.

edge computing edge thunder
DT Cloud Edge Thunder

Edge Thunder represents the next evolution in cloud computing, combining the best of both private cloud and edge computing to deliver a powerful, versatile, and highly responsive platform. It allows businesses to harness the full potential of cloud technology while maintaining control over their data and applications.


Ultra-Low Latency
ultra-düşük gecikme

Strategically placed global edge nodes enable real-time data processing and lightning-fast response times.

Enhanced Security
regülasyon uyumlu

Advanced encryption, authentication, and access controls ensure data protection and compliance.

Scalable Design

Adapts to changing workloads, allowing for efficient resource scaling and cost alignment.

Versatile Support
çok yönlü destek

Accommodates a wide range of applications, from IoT deployments to AI-driven analytics.

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Integrated Platform

Designed for comprehensive cloud management, it seamlessly handles applications in private and hybrid environments.

Centralized Management

Offers a unified console for resource oversight and streamlines operations across on-premises and cloud domains.

Multi-Cluster Deployment

Ensures consistent application deployment and supports diverse clusters both on-premises and in the cloud.

Application Modernization

Revitalizes legacy apps with containerization and embraces the microservices architecture for flexibility.

Comprehensive Monitoring

Provides deep insights into application health and enhances resource utilization understanding.

Consistent Compliance

Standardizes security policies across environments and guarantees alignment with industry regulations.