Create the most dynamic, secure, accessible, inclusive  and modern learning environment possible

DT Cloud Platform for Education

Here, in DT Cloud Platform, we believe that cloud computing and technologies like IoT and AI can transform, enhance and modernize the way people learn and teach. We are committed to helping educators use technology to unlock potential and improve learning outcomes for all students. Create higher standards of not only in-person education but also distance learning with DT Cloud Platform  remote lab, video conferencing and online proctoring service.


Better User Experience

Deliver high speed network access and ultra-low transmission latency. Enable you to host Internet livestream in 1080P.

Easy Management

Simplify your network initial set up and ongoing management by using centralized operation and maintenance (OM) platform.

High Accessibility

Thanks to the cloud architecture, it is possible to access the resources you need from anywhere.

Robust Security

Protect your cloud environment against volumetric DDoS attacks; redirect malicious traffic; and prevent information leaks.

High Scalability

Enable to scale capacity up or down based on your real-time demands.

Industry-Leading Reliability

Offer you an industry-leading SLA with a commitment of 99.999% availability for individual instances.

Contact our expert to start your journeyNumeroious universities are already transforming andempowering their learning environment 

Data Sovereignty And Compliances

DT Cloud Platform an has elastic, highly scalable, and resilient infrastructure that meets data sovereignty requirements and is designed with multiple layers of security controls. DT Cloud Platform meets the strictest data-localization requirements and provides a turnkey solution for business looking for certainty about where their data resides.


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