Block Volume Service

Scalable, efficient, fast and highly available block storage volumes designed for applications that benefit from fine-tuning for performance, cost and capacity with 99.99% durability

DT Cloud Platform Block Volume Service

Enables managing data as blocks.  Those blocks can be stored in different operating systems in a SAN-like manner. Block storage is optimized for data that must be frequently accessed and edited. It is perfectly suitable for hot data and virtual machines.


Different Range Availability

There are different storage classes, standard I/O, ultra-high performance I/O, premium SSD, General Purpose SSD or standard HDD. Choose block storage disk according to your needs and business scenarios.

High Elasticity

Choose storage that fits your needs. Without interrupting your workload scale your storage capacities ellasically depending on your demand.

Highly Reliable
Highly Reliable

Backup your data in block volume disk at any specific time. If data loss occurs you can easily roll back and restore all your data.

Monitoring Service
Monitoring Service

Real-time monitoring service for instant information about the status of block volume disk. Easily customizable alert rules with automatic internal reminders.