Secure global SD-WAN as a service

DT Cloud Platform CD-WAN

  • Simplifies the management and operation of a Wide-Area-Network
  • Higher-performance WANs using lower-cost internet access
  • Replace expensive private WAN connection technologies such as MPLS

Architecture of SD-WAN Solution

The overall architecture SD-WAN Solution comprises the network connection layer, control layer, and management layer.

Network connection layer
Network Connection Layer

Enterprises deploy cost-effective routers and use overlay technology to build full network interconnections between the headquarters, branches, and public or private clouds on demand through links such as Internet links and traditional private lines.

Control layer
Control Layer

Routers (RRs) c policy provisioning, route transfer between sites in each area, and inter-area network interconnection.

Management layer
Management Layer

Central Management System implements full-process management on enterprise interconnection services. In the southbound direction, configuration and orchestration of different virtual private network (VPN) topologies, as well as management and provisioning of network service policies.