Live Cloud Migration

Move securely and without any interruption all workload from on-premises, legacy infrastructure, VMWare or another cloud provider to DT Cloud Platform

Fully Automated Live Migration

Enterprises can migrate some or all of their data, IT resources and applications to DT Cloud Platform. DT Cloud Live Migration makes the process of any workload movement from any cloud platform or physical machine easy, reliable and secure

Switch from CapEx to OpEx by moving any type of your workloads to DT Cloud Platform. Cloud-based OpEx models  provide your company with great benefits, like savings opportunities to flexibility for automatic scale of IT infrastructure.

Live Cloud Migration supports services, workload, and resource orchestration, which in turn speeds up the delivery, reduces costs and eliminates the possibility of human error

Migrate Your Workload From Bare-Metal Servers To DT Cloud Platform

Our enterprise-grade solution allows to move data of any complexity and size that is hosted on a physical server to the cloud environment

Migrate Your Workload From VMware Or Any Cloud to DT Cloud Platform

Simply and easy move your large workloads entirely or partially from any existing cloud provider to DT Cloud infrastructure

Migrate your workload without any loss
Migrate Your Workload Without Any Loss

Our automated migration process with unlimited number of test migration helps fully prevent any workload loss

Migrate your workload without any work disruption
Migrate Your Workload Without Any Work Disruption

Move your digital business operations non-disruptively. While making migration, an organization does not need to interrupt or stop its operations

Unlimited migration trial
Unlimited Migration Trial

Perform countless number of test migrations to configure workload settings and to ensure that all migration requirements are met


Live migration refers to the process of moving a virtual machine (VM) running on one physical host to another host without interrupting normal operations or causing any downtime or other adverse effects to the end user.

Yes. With DT Live Migration, you can migrate from physical hardware to the cloud.

  • How long does it take for the DT Live Migration service to migrate my data?

This depends on your server capacity and network strength. On average it only takes 1-2 hours.

  • Can you select availability zones for DT Live Migration?

You can select all regions of DT Cloud (Istanbul 2a, Istanbul 1b, Ankara, Izmir, Belgrade, Kragujevac) to migrate your data.

  • Is the data stored by the DT Live Migration service encrypted?

Yes. Data stored by DT Live Migration is encrypted.

  • How will I be charged for the DT Live Migration service?

DT Live Migration is priced based on a customer's number of virtual machines. DT Live Migration is FREE until June.