From planning to production, bring teams together in one application. Ship secure code faster and drive business results in DT Cloud Platform

DT Cloud Platform GitLab

Whether you're starting by integrating a few point solutions, or simplifying your entire toolchain, now you can do it as one team and in one platform. Collaborating from planning to production with security built-in and high-CPU VMs and possibility of integrations with DT Cloud Platform Kubernetes.

Deliver software faster
Deliver Software Faster

Automate your software delivery process so you can deliver value faster and quality code more often

Ensure compliance
Ensure Compliance

Simplify continuous software compliance by defining, enforcing and reporting on compliance in one platform

Built-in security
Built-in Security

Adopt DevSecOps practices with continuous software security assurance across every stage

Improve Collaboration and Visibility
Improve Collaboration and Visibility

Give everyone one platform to collaborate and see everything from planning to production

For every stage of the DevOps Lifecycle

Eliminate point solution tool sprawl with our comprehensive platform.

Education And Training

Keep everyone synchronized with powerful planning tools, regardless of your process.

Whether your methodology is Waterfall or DevOps GitLab’s simple and flexible approach to planning helps you stay organized and track progress.


Create, view, and manage code and project data through powerful branching tools.

GitLab helps teams design, develop, and securely manage code and project data from a single distributed version control system to enable rapid iteration.


Automatically verify your code with powerful continuous integration (CI) capabilities.

With SAST, DAST, code quality analysis, plus pipelines that enable concurrent testing and parallel execution, your teams get quick insights about every commit so they can deliver higher quality code faster.


Create a dependable software supply chain with built-in package management.

The private, secure, container and package registry are built-in and preconfigured out-of-the- box to work seamlessly with GitLab source code management and CI/CD pipelines.


Deliver secure applications with security testing and scanning built in.

GitLab provides Static Application Security Testing (SAST), Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST), Container Scanning, and Dependency Scanning to help you deliver secure applications along with license compliance.


Ship code with zero-touch continuous delivery (CD) built into the pipeline.

With GitLab, deployments can be automated to multiple environments like staging and production. Even for more advanced patterns like canary deployments, the system just knows what to do without being told. You also have feature flags, built-in auditing and traceability, on-demand environments, and GitLab pages for static content delivery.


Configure your applications and infrastructure simply and securely.

Strong integration with DT Cloud Platform Kubernetes reduces the effort needed to define and configure the infrastructure required to support your application. Protect access to key infrastructure configuration details such as passwords and login information by using ‘secret variables’ to limit access to only authorized users and processes.


Help reduce the severity and frequency of incidents.

Get the feedback and tools you need to reduce the severity and frequency of incidents — and release software more frequently and confidently.


Prevent security intrusions with container scanning and cloud-native protections.

GitLab scans cloud native environments for vulnerabilities and also provides unified security policy management.


Get the metrics and value stream insights to optimize your software delivery lifecycle.

With GitLab, you gain the visibility and insights you need to understand performance, manage and optimize your software delivery lifecycle, and increase your delivery velocity.