Docker Swarm

Deploy, scale and optimize containerized applications in the DT Cloud infrastructure

DT Cloud Platform Docker Swarm

Is a container orchestration tool that allows managing multiple containers with a high level of availability for applications similar to Kubernetes.


DT Cloud Platform takes care of infrastructure management, you just need to focus on your applications.


Save your cost for paying only what you use with automatic scaling and autonomous provisioning.


Run numerous containers in the cloud with integration with other DT Cloud Platform services and automation tools.



For each service, you can declare the number of tasks you want to run. When you scale up or down, the swarm manager automatically adapts by adding or removing tasks to maintain the desired state.

Desired state Reconciliation

The swarm manager node constantly monitors the cluster state and reconciles any differences between the actual state and your expressed desired state.

Load Balancing

You can expose the ports for services to an external load balancer. Internally, the swarm lets you specify how to distribute service containers between nodes.

Service Discovery

Swarm manager nodes assign each service in the swarm a unique DNS name and load balances running containers. You can query every container running in the swarm through a DNS server embedded in the swarm.

Secure by Default

Each node in the swarm enforces TLS mutual authentication.

How Nodes Work

Docker Swarm is a set of standalone Docker nodes with preconfigured automatic vertical scaling run in a swarm mode, which is provided as an environment of two scalable Manager and Worker node layers. There are typically several worker nodes and at least one manager node that is responsible for handling the worker nodes' resources efficiently and ensuring that the cluster operates