Secure and fast engine for searching, monitoring and analyzing

DT Cloud Platform Elasticsearch

Powerful engine for search and analytics that makes data easy to store and explore. It is focused on reliability, real-time analytics and simple management. Elasticsearch is  based on high performance and full-featured Java-powered Apache Lucene library, which helps to implement the provided advanced search and analytics capabilities. Special RESTful API allows users to perform any action with help of a simple JSON over HTTP, which makes it extremely developer-friendly.

Product that meets your need 


Ask any questions and search your way

Whether you need structured, unstructured, metric or geo search or all of them together, Elasticsearch gives you the opportunity to perform it anyway you want. Start simple with one question and enjoy the journey.


Analyze received data at scale

It is quite easy to find a small amount of documents that perfectly match your request. But what to do and how to proceed with millions or even billions of log lines? Elasticsearch makes it possible and lets you zoom out to explore trends and patterns in your data.


Enjoy fast search with powerful design

You can leverage and access all of your data extremely fast. And when answers are received instantly the relationship with data and work process positively changes. Because of the opportunity to iterate and receive more data in a short period of time. Elasticsearch has finite state transducers for full-text querying, BKD trees for storing numeric and geo data, and a column store for analytics.


Store and explore data to fit your needs.

Data is constantly updated, and it can become really expensive to store and search all of it. With Elasticsearch you can balance both performance and cost. Store data locally for fast queries or remotely on S3 object storage for unlimited data. With runtime fields, quickly save data and adapt it to changes.


Search data everywhere you need, even with typos

Rank your search results based on different factors like frequency or popularity and everything in between. You are in power to try diverse search options along with features to customize how your results are gonna displayed to your users. What is more, elasticsearch is equipped to handle human mistakes, so typos are not an issue.


Run it on everything with petabytes of data.

Go from prototype to production seamlessly. Elasticsearch runs on a single node the same way as on 300-nodes cluster. It scales horizontally to use an infinite number of events per second, while automatically managing how indexes and queries are distributed across the cluster for a smooth and simple experience.


Full control of failover so that you can recover data quickly

Elasticsearch operates in a distributed environment designed from the ground up. It detects failures to keep your cluster and data safe and available. With cross-cluster replication, a secondary cluster can act as a backup.