Scale any application to optimize performance, save time and never overpay

DT Cloud Platform AutoScaling

Automatically scale any application, making it truly flexible and efficient. Without manual control automatic scaling allocates the required number of resources according to your current demand. With this feature you never overspend for unused resources and over-allocate beyond what is needed, especially during low-use or low-power times.

Make your cloud compute usage simple, transparent and automatic

Automatic Setup

Everything is managed by the platform and performed automatically within the specified limits, which saves you time by eliminating the need to process load-related adjustments or architectural changes. You simply decide the maximum limit you are ready to consume and the platform automatically defines the optimal amount of resources required for your app, tracking the incoming load in real time.

Cost Efficiency

Pay only for what you use. As your application's load grows additional resources are getting automatically available to you; and when the load goes down, the resources get reduced by the platform automatically. Thus, you are only billed according to the real use. Automatic scaling feature makes resource consumption really elastic and helps you save money.

Efficient Performance

There is no problem with network connection and/or latency issues. The ability to grow or shrink the resources available to a particular instance in order to react to load changes in a fast and flexible way.

Solving Right-Sizing Problem

You do not need to guess beforehand how much and which resources to allocate. Get the required number of resources without tracking or reserving them. RAM and CPU are available according to the runtime needs and specified scaling limits. Platform monitors your application and as demands change automatically adds or removes capacity from your resource groups in real time.