Block Storage

Scalable block storage service with high resilience

New Dimension of Data Storage with Block Storage

  • High Performance

    A low latency architecture optimized for high I/O applications and databases.
  • Simple Pricing

    Make a fixed payment only for the month you activate, produce and use as many clusters as you want.
  • Multi-Location Integration

    Enable seamless integration between Kubernetes nodes running in different physical locations.
  • High Availability

    An infrastructure design that ensures seamless operation of both control and worker nodes.
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Block Storage: One Solution, Different Scenarios

Our block storage service is designed specifically for the data storage needs of businesses of all sizes, such as database management, ERP systems, backup and archiving. With our flexible and scalable solution, you can easily find a solution to your storage needs.
  • Database Storage icon

    Database Storage

    It offers fast data processing and query response, ideal for databases that require high I/O performance.
  • Bulk Data Processing

    Bulk Data Processing

    Automatically distributes workloads and restarts erroneous tasks to manage and scale high-volume data processing jobs.
  • Continuous Integration and Deployment icon

    Continuous Integration and Deployment

    It improves software development processes by enabling continuous integration of code changes and automated, consistent deployments.
  • Hybrid and Multi-Cloud

    Hybrid and Multi-Cloud

    It supports flexible hybrid and multi-cloud deployment strategies, allowing you to manage your applications across different cloud providers and on-premise systems.

High Performance Block Storage Features

Dynamic resource expansion allows you to respond to your workloads instantly with high IOPS and low latency. With secure data transfer and uninterrupted access, you can maximize your business continuity.
  • Self-Healing

    Restarts failed containers and replaces those that are not working properly.
  • Smart Placement

    Automatically places containers according to resource requirements.
  • Auto Publish

    The app introduces changes gradually and rolls them back if there are problems.
  • Service Discovery and Load Balancing

    It gives Pods their own IP addresses and assigns a single DNS name for a set of Pods, as well as load balancing between Pods.
  • Optimized Network Management

    Low latency, high bandwidth networking between nodes, services and external entities.
  • Backup and Restore

    Supports Snapshot and restore with Delta backups. Data is compressed and encrypted, increasing security and reducing storage requirements.

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